About us

Students’ Culture House was from the beginning a young spirit free space, authentic culture, giving young people an alternative elevated for leisure. Students’ Culture House is an environment that develops artistic and moral qualities of the young students, is an event space for cultural experimentation and promotion and affirmation of young talent.

By 1956 cultural-arts and entertainment of the students were held in makeshift clubs in modest spaces provided by each of the seven institutes of higher education. Since 1921 The students of Cluj expressed in a local newspaper desire to have a house of culture. This wish was fulfilled in 1956 when took a special decision, judgment providing for the establishment of student associations and the establishment in all universities Student House of Culture. According to this ruling in early October 1956 was appointed a Provisional Council, composed of students and young academics, who had charge and creating new institutions called Students’ Culture House. Provisional Council of Cluj-Napoca proposed in academic assistant director Hodorog Lawrence, cultural LIABILITY University “Victor Babes”. Directly subordinate to the Ministry of Education which houses the Students’ Culture issued the formal appointment of the Director of Cluj-Napoca.

Student Activities Culture House was inaugurated on February 10, 1957, through a program of music and humor. Between the years 1957-1959 were created artistic groups and circles theoretical and practical: folk, mixed choir, two bands play, circle reciters, jazz band, pop music band, the band of modern dance, circle photo cineclub, circle of correspondence courses in art history and literary circle.

Artistic teams coached by teachers and artists have prepared a rich repertoire and were able to present the first local and national festivals. Activities in these early years were conducted under modest financial material. Decisive moment was the construction of own buildings, a project that was supported by Daicoviciu academician, rector Univ. “Victor Babes”. Work began in July 1959.

On August 22, 1960 Director Lawrence took over the building Hodorog Peace Square. Manufacturer handed over the keys to 104 rooms.

This large and impressive space with a modest architecture over the years has been arranged as needed, corresponding to the requirements of activities. There have been many changes to the area to be more meaningful for students. Have been allocated to the Ministry needed an adequate amount. Were purchased costumes and scenery made for entertainment, equipment, musical instruments, vehicles, furniture, etc. ..

After commissioning of the new building followed five decades of great successes in the House of Culture of Students was able to satisfy the preferences of the broad masses of students ensuring a wide variety of daily programs. Throughout these decades the House of Culture of Students had a payroll activities appropriate to the size of a really well-qualified teaching staff and dedication of artistic, cultural and recreational activities.

Can be counted by the hundreds who have been trained by the intellectual training of the House of Culture of Students in Cluj-Napoca and have discovered such talents and ability to act in personal benefit and the benefit of society.

Name brands today have made “apprenticeship personality” and we can not ,not mention here the name Dumitru Farcas Master whose career and artistic life is identified with “Mărţişorul”.

After 50 years the House of Culture of Students stayed cultural edifice that houses form promotes and affirms the talents of students attending the perseverance and dedication bands, circles, classes, clubs, and many organized activities in the home under the guidance of expert reviewers. Modernization works made in recent years indicates this institution located in  Lucian Blaga Square, as an extremely generous, functional, elegant, where cultural activities are conducted under optimal conditions, which led to performances both nationally and in festivals and international competitions.

Currently CCS brings together 18 art groups and three circles, clubs and courses. Record obtained through these formations include this institution among the most prestigious cultural institutions in central Cluj university.


“To give to House of Culture, what is House of Culture’s!


Cluj-Napoca, this treasure-city of culture, which combines the traditions and the history with human nature, which for many of us former and current students represented the “second home” in his heart harbors one of the most lofty cultural institutions, built in 1960 to “honor” student Cluj, Students Cultural House.

In this monument of culture, where they crossed generations, I started in March 5, 2013, the Deputy Director of the institution.

“A director shall implement and value, mobilize and channel those involved, controlling and designing new forms of activities (Lawrence Hodorog,” Students’ Culture House in Cluj-Napoca, the cradle of our student “Preface by Traian Bradea).

After 53 years, the commissioning of the building of the House of Culture of Students, the students Cluj, I found here a true cultural and artistic center with a huge potential for creation and education, through and for the culture. Generations of young people and students were found, identified and put in talent, polishing theirs character in this “cradle of our college.”

This mysterious space that has given years, soul starved of culture, is where I find myself and I identify as a former student of the Faculty of History and Philosophy, University “Babes-Bolyai”.

Manager is required to oversee and always have in mind that this professional institution, promotes culture must always be careful that the facts that happen in this house of students from, to be well known, appreciated and interpreted feel valued .

In a culture of student houses, art projects, dance, folklore, entertainment, theater, literature, painting, and so on, is the historic knowledge and continuity of Romanian spirituality values. I take moral role, animated and age youth and enthusiasm to keep alive the cultural tradition of this institution, expressing myself freely, taking patterns of thought and behavior, drawing new meanings, characters and intellectual environments.

I feel honored, honored to write these lines about Students’ Culture House, referring to the thoughts and feelings me that this cultural monument “dedicated” student Cluj, send them the first time you step on the stairs, and his subsequent day by day. In life we like to refer to the verb “to be”: to master, to possess, to have …; I like to offer. I want to give a special touch, original, a special sparkle of this “cradle of student”, through quality cultural and artistic projects, along with and in support of cultural referents, students of CCS artistic companies, representatives of student organizations and the entire team that maintains living activity of the institution. “